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Frequently Asked Questions With Answers!!!

Can I Have A Free Shot?
No you Little Shit Head, Nothing in this world is free

Can i try just for fun, with out wining anything?
Sure and you can have free prizes for you and your friends, YOU KNOW WHAT FUCK IT EVERYONE GETS A FUCKING FREE PRIZE!!

How do you play this game?
99.999% of the time the games full description is in the tittle.
Knock off- you knock shit off a table
Balloon darts- You through part A of the sentance at Part B
Break a Plate..........if you have to ask i might just kill myself

At Ringtoss....

Do you have quarters? - guest
Nope gave them all awy earlyer-me
Are you sure the girl down there told me you did-  guest
Go fuck yourself i siad i dont.

How do you win?
....take a wild guess?

Where is the purple bottle?
We hide it to keep people like you on your feet.
No shit head there isn't one.

How do i win a flamingo?
Ugh...i already told you

At Knock off....

How do i win a banana?
Take a mother fucking guess!

At Longshot....

Can i have a freeshot?
Yes, its only 3$

Lebron and/or Kobe
I feel myse;f die a little on the inside

Where is the ring of fire?
look up the hill...see that giant ring with Ring of fire sign on the side?
its just passed that

And lastly as red neck as this sounds

(My) Weekend

Yes finally two days in a row off after six days on!
Video games to play movies to watch and relaxing to do.

Still haven't beat kingdom hearts 1, riku is a bitch. ugh.... So i've started 358/2 days already. Ill try again tonight, maybe....haha

On saturday night i get to go to the drive in. i've intited a bunch of people but i know almost all will ditch, ugh. Whatever more pizza for me. 
Ok we are now at 9 weeks 4 days 17 hours 56min and 35 secs. till bbs of course :D

Going to see eclipse tomorrow. maybe another big if, haha

ok here is something i saw some where that i wanted to try.
RANDOM QUOTE(sex quote)
"an orgasm a day keeps the doctoer away"-Mae West

Days Off

I've been tired of working all the time and its hard to relax with only two days off a week. Mainly because whenever i get off i have no energy to domuch.

But days off have been filled with friends, the A-team and my lovely Vendela.
Animal Crossing is still going good. I cheack everyday but its hard to play with friends since graduation.

I've decided to play My Favorite series again, Kingdom Hearts, in anticipation for the new game being released on september 7th.

BTW At This Moment There is 10 Weeks 4 Days 1 Hours 34 Minutes and 4 Seconds Until BBS(Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep)

Currently I am on the last level of the first game (Kingdom Hearts) and hopefully i beat it this evening.

Toystory With my mum this evening.

Ok Im Spewing Random Ness.....So i digress......
Today on my day off i have like 6 things i need to get done on my car or too it. ughhh.... Who needs Grad money anyways.
Ok, well i got shit to to.

Peace Out,

Fathers Day And Junk

Well here goes my first post. I made this live journal account for my self really. I want to remember feeling and be able to associate them with a time, not just a jumbled mess that is in my head.

What really is fathers day?
For girls it goes like this: buying your dad something nice and maybe taking him out to lunch because he has probably spoiled you thoughout all your years of life.

However For Guys its like this:  Our fathers are the one human being we resent more than all others because they have to fight for our mothers (thier wives) love. How do you tell some one, "hey thanks for not using a rubber when you porked my mother", and suppost to be able to give him a gift? It doesn't really add up in my book.
So i got my father like 3 huge bags of candy hopefully the sugar will get to his heart and stop it for 7 to 8 minutes. that along with his smoking habit is a good bet.

Also latly i have found myself playing alot of animal crossing. Something about fishing, bug catching and haveing random conversations with people shaped animals makes me happy and makes me forget about the struggles in the real world.

Peace out for now-